It's go time

Challenge an opponent to a game of your choosing, any time, any place. Win the game, win the money, win the respect. Heck, you're still a winner even when you're a loser.


Choose your game

Whether you're a FIFA fanatic or the king of Rocket League, choose a game where you're sure to kick some ass, take names and rule all.


Pick the terms

Select the amount you want to enter the competition with, as well as the rules to your chosen 1v1 game. This ensures a fair duel with no spats, sore losers or cry babies.


Enter the arena

On the app, seek out a worthy opponent or challenge a mate to battle it out to the virtual death! Buckle up boss because it's your time to shine!


Beat your opponent

Yes, you did it!! To prove the victory, both players take a photo of the results screen to submit via the app, so that the glorious gamer can be verified and appointed ruler of Winnersville.


Take home the glory

Real cash, real prizes and real bragging rights! The winner does indeed take it all! Get used to that feeling of satisfied smugness with a side order of delicious dollar because that's what happens when you win with Stakester.

How to use Stakester in 3 minutes

Not all heroes wear capes, but all heroes raise the stakes.

Intrigued? You should be!

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