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What is Stakester?

Nothing floats our boat quite like healthy competition and seeing you legendary lot backing yourselves. The nature of Stakester is about giving the finger to gambling, being part of a huge community, and finally being rewarded for all those hours grafting yourself into the Adonis of the gaming world. The fact you’ve even made it this far means you’re already balls-deep in glory. So, why stop now?

Gambling is stupid

Yes, you heard, gambling is stupid. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, this gig isn’t about ridiculous risks and chancing your cash - it’s about playing like a pro and getting paid like a pro. Completely wiping the floor with your mates and watching their tears fall with such proud smugness. It’s about being a winner, believing in yourself and being part of something amazing. And do you want to risk all that with stupidity? F*ck no!

Power comes from community

Are you someone who loves feeling powerful? We’re not talking dictatorship-style militance here, but more like the power of being heard. The power of feeling respected. And the power you feel when you’re a part of something big. Imagine building a community where the rules are created on your own terms. Where you literally create your own destiny and are surrounded by others who want the same. You might think we’re all about the fun and games at Stakester, and you’d be absolutely right. If you want a game, then we’re going to sure as hell listen and make sure we bring the fun. Sound like a bit of you? Then come join us already!

Back yourself

You know you’re epic. We know you’re epic. Heck, even Juan-Pablo from the corner shop knows you’re epic - so why aren’t you backing yourself already? At Stakester, we’re all about our players creating their own destiny, backing a guaranteed winner (unless you’re terrible) and reaping the rewards for all that hard work and passion. And, let’s be honest, there are very few things more satisfying than beating your “Billy Big Balls” mate at a game of his choosing. So, what are you waiting for? Now’s the time to talk the talk, walk the walk and bring home more bacon than a butcher.*

The Stakester gambling promise

If you didn’t think we were serious about our strong “gambling is stupid” beliefs, then hopefully this will set the record straight. You have our word that a portion of all player fees will go towards supporting charities that help fight Gambling Addiction and Gaming Disorders. It’s no secret we’re not fans of risky business, taking chances and losing control, but what we can control is helping those in need. So bring your destiny into your own hands and help others do the same.


Shall we get to know each other?

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